See What It's Like To Skateboard In The Louvre

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PUBLISHED: October 20, 2020

Skateboarding meets classical ballet in Tristan Helias and Marin Troude's new film, Museum. The three-minute short allows us to see what it's like to skate around the Louvre, the world's largest art museum.

Museum is a contemporary love story between a Parisian skateboarder and a ballet dancer, appropriately set in Paris, the city of love. In the clip, the skateboarder and dancer maneuver in and around empty monuments, as the viewer is encouraged to discover French heritage through a unique perspective.

Accounting for the first time Parisian museums have opened their doors to both skateboarding and classical ballet in a subsequent film, Museum utilizes these forms of expression "to sublimate the works of art, open the museums’ doors to street art and make French culture more accessible to all," Helias and Troude said.

Press play below to watch the captivating short film, featuring a musical score by Max Richter.