Tony Hawk & Architectural Historian Guide Tour of Iconic Skate Spots

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PUBLISHED: September 09, 2020

The Wallenberg Gap, Hollywood High 16 Set, El Torro, The Carlsbad Gap…if you skate, you know these places like the back of your hand even if you’ve never actually been on location so it’s cool to get some perspective on their significance from an athlete and an architectural expert. Sit back and enjoy a quick lesson on some of skateboarding’s most iconic spots:

“Tony Hawk, the legendary skateboarder, and Iain Borden, an architectural historian, are your guides in this deep dive into skateboarding history via the sport’s most iconic spots. From a giant pipe in the foothills of California’s San Gabriel Mountains to a 20-stair set at a high school in Orange County, these everyday locations have become a proving ground for skaters all over the world.”