Introducing The First Black Woman Owned Skateboard Company

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PUBLISHED: August 12, 2020

Additionally, Stone’s skateboards were recently featured on HBO’s TV show about skater girls called “Betty.” The underground brand’s new line of colorful, creative, and original skateboards average $55-$60 each and can be ordered on the company’s website along with the artist’s own unique artwork prints, accessories, and apparel. The products are created with teen girls and young women in mind who love to skate or who are into alternative and subversive fashion.

“Skateboarding has traditionally been a man’s sport, which is why I am so passionate about my role as a black woman who challenges past assumptions and shows that skateboarding is for all of us. I take pride in creating authentic and beautiful art that stands out from other skate brands,” says founder Latosha Stone. “I live and breathe skating and art, and I think that is reflected in the work I produce.”

The artist contributes to bringing more women to the sport through her sponsorship of women skateboarders that are all too often overlooked by larger companies. “I believe that representation is the key to having more young girls interested in skating,” Stone says. “Genuinely loving skateboarding means you have to advocate and support it when you can.”

To learn more about Proper Gnar or to view her line of skateboards, hats, hoodies, patches, t-shirts, art prints, and more, please visit

About the Company:

Proper Gnar is the only Black woman-owned skateboarding company in the market today. Founder and artist Latosha Stone channels her genuine love for skateboarding into creating custom skateboards, clothing, and art prints that are unlike any other brands.

For media inquiries, please contact or (937) 417-4094.

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