How to Find Great Skate Spots

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PUBLISHED: September 09, 2020

But skateboarding was born in the street. Think about skaters in the 70’s, for example. Unless you were Steve Peralta or the Z-Boys (who loved to skate on dry pools in private homes until they had problems with owners and the police), chances are you couldn’t find any cool skate spot back in the day. Skaters didn’t care about the absence of skateparks in that time. They just skated everywhere and invented tricks. And you can do that, too.

If you are struggling to find good skate spots, check these useful tips.

Take Your Time To Look Around

The best way to find skateboarding spots is to get out of your house, grab your skateboard and start looking for them. Good skate spots are almost everywhere, trust us. Use your smartphone to take some pictures of suggested skate sites that you find on your trip, so you can take a look at them when you get home. Also, it’s good to tag your photos with a GPS location (something almost every phone offers right now) so you can find those skate spots again.

Just Be Creative!

We know this tip can be kind of basic, but it’s the best thing we can tell you. Think about things that you would like to jump onto with your skateboard. You can do that on a lot of things and places, such as benches, stairs or ramps.

Also, take into account your riding style and the moves you want to practice. If you want to master simple tricks like ollies and flips, try to look for open places with flat surfaces. If your ollies are good enough, search for high stairs, ramps or sidewalks. If you want to grind and slide, look for rails in parks, for example. It all depends on the things you can do and the moves you want to learn.

Look For Open Spaces

The best skate spots are usually in open, public places with a lot of space to roll around. Schools and university campuses are good examples of open places with a lot of rails or stairs to jump. Also, check for abandoned parking lots or industrial sites. These places usually have great obstacles to sort and jump around.

Find a Good Time to Skate

Chances are these open spaces are normally full of people, and that makes skateboarding difficult. Just go to the places you’ve found and see when it’s better to skate. For example, industrial sites may be full of people throughout the week and alone on nights and weekends. University campuses are emptier in the afternoon normally. And if you want to skate on a parking lot, make sure there are not many cars inside. You don’t want to hit a car with your skateboard, or in the worst case, get hit by a vehicle.

Join A Skate Group Near You

If you think that there is not a single good skate spot around your house, maybe some of the skateboarders around can show you that it’s not true. Look for people who rides near you and start skating with them. You can show them your secret skate spots and they can show you theirs. And skateboarding is about making friends, too.