Man Skates from Eugene, Oregon to San Fransisco, California

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PUBLISHED: October 05, 2022

Skateboarding from Tracktown, USA to the Golden Gate Bridge, 831 miles, now complete.

We first told you about Mike Crespino's journey back in July. He did it to raise mental health awareness and honor two young skaters, Ben Moody and Silas Strimple. Both lost their lives to mental health problems.

The journey started at Washington Jefferson Park in Eugene on September 12 at noon.

Crespino said he skated 30 miles a day, one day hitting 40 miles. He said he was surprised at how quickly he made it to his destination, nearly a week ahead of schedule.

He took Highway 126 to Florence, then stayed on 101 all the way down to his hometown, Eureka, California, to visit friends and family. Then he cut over to Highway 1 down the Pacific Coast Highway down to San Francisco across the Golden Gate Bridge. Crespino crossed the bridge around 3:00 p.m. on Sunday.

"The first week was rather difficult on my body. My calf muscles were constantly aching, and my lower back was giving me some problems," Crespino said.

But he said the second half of the journey went much smoother.

"The pain disappeared; I felt stronger in my physical body than I had in 10 years. The joke was it only hurts when I don't skate, and so it just became so automatic," Crespino said.

Crespino said that throughout the journey, many people recognized him and would greet and ride with him. He said this was one of the highlights of the entire trip.

As for what's next, it's back to Eugene, but this time in a car. But he said the work certainly isn't done.

"With the fundraisers we've done so far; I think we've hit our goal. I anticipate doing more locally to drive that number up so we can turn around and provide the Ben Moody and Silas Strimple foundation out of that," Crespino said.

He plans on organizing regular events for local youth in the future, including mentoring programs.