A Skateboard Has Never Broken Like This!

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PUBLISHED: August 17, 2020

Paul Schmitt AKA The Professor from PS Stix and CreateAskate.org explains and shows the science behind what makes the perfect balance of pop and durability in a skateboard deck.

It's easy enough to run into a skateshop and just pick out a deck that you like but do you know where it comes from or why it acts the way it does? Turns out it is a highly refined and scientific formula, involving naturally occurring nanotubes and even the climate that certain Maple trees are grown in.

Paul Schmitt, a legend in the skateboard manufacturing game not only shows and explains why 7 plies is the magic number but also why the ratio of grain direction in each ply matters greatly.

A fantastic way to sneak in some math, botany, and nano-technology during the age of distance learning.