Santa Cruz Skateboards Celebrates 50th Anniversary

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PUBLISHED: September 26, 2023

Santa Cruz Skateboards celebrated its 50th anniversary this weekend with an all-out birthday bash.

The Santa Cruz Skateboards brand began in 1973 and grew into a worldwide icon in skating. The "Screaming Hand" and "Santa Cruz Dot" logos are recognized internationally and even worn by many who don't skateboard.

The event began with a skating session at Seacliff Skatepark, where professional skateboarders with the Santa Cruz skate team put their skills on display. Skaters moved to Mike Fox Skate Park, and later to a large rail at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk dubbed "The Mega Rail."

Alternative rock legends Dinosaur Jr. also made an appearance at the company's birthday, performing live and for free at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.